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ZPHC is a pharmaceutical company established in China in 1972. Nowadays ZPHC Pharmaceutical is a huge global company that produces API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), biopharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. The company has a few laboratories and over two thousand employees. ZPHC Pharmaceutical androgenic anabolic steroids can be legally purchased in Europe, Asia, and Central America. In the US, the company’s products can be found only on the black market.

All ZPHC facilities are fully automated and correspond with International Advanced Levels (IAL). The company has the latest equipment which meets the GMP standards. The quality department of ZPHC alone contains over 180 employees. They are responsible for checking drugs during all stages of production: receiving raw materials, production, packaging, inspection, storage, distribution, and others when required.

ZPHC Pharmaceutical distributes a wide range of androgenic anabolic steroids including: Nandrolone Decanoate ZPHC, Testosterone Cypionate ZPHC, Testosterone Enanthate ZPHC, Testosterone Mix ZPHC (Sustanon), Testosterone Propionate ZPHC, Oxandrolone ZPHC, Boldenone Undecylenate ZPHC, Stanozolol Suspension ZPHC, Trenbolone Acetate ZPHC etc.

ZPHC steroids are popular among amateur steroid users and novice bodybuilders, thanks to affordable prices and decent quality. The company has significantly improved the quality of their steroids over the last ten years, and are still striving to improve the quality of their drugs today.