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Trenbolone (Tren)


General Description of Trenbolone (Tren)


Trenbolone (Tren) is a powerful androgenic anabolic steroid that was created for use in the cattle industry in the 1980’s. The French brand Negma was trying to produce Trenbolone for human use in the 1990’s, but due to the high possibility of severe side effects the drug was discontinued in 1997. Since then, Trenbolone has been produced only for veterinary purposes, by underground labs or in a few countries where steroids have legal status.

Trenbolone (Tren), by opinion of most professional bodybuilders and fitness pros, is the most powerful and most effective androgenic anabolic steroid. Tren is part of the 19-nor family of steroids, meaning that a testosterone molecule has been altered at the 19th position. Trenbolone has an unbelievable anabolic and androgenic rating of 500, which means the drug is five times stronger than Testosterone in both its anabolic and androgenic effects.

Trenbolone (Tren) has an attached ester that regulates the speed of releasing the drug once injected. The fastest acting type of Tren is Trenbolone Acetate. A trenbolone base with an attached Acetate ester will deliver fast results however, the negative side of Tren Acetate is the need for frequent injections. A slower acting type is Trenbolone Enanthate. A trenbolone base with an attached Enanthate ester allows less frequent injections. Another popular option is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate). Some labs follow the example of Sustanon (Testosterone Mix) by creating a Trenbolone mix. This mix usually contains 50 mgs per 1 ml of each of the three esters mentioned above. Thanks to that mix, the drug starts working almost immediately after injection and lasts up to three weeks.


Effects of Trenbolone (Tren)


Like we mentioned before, the anabolic rating of Trenbolone is 5 times stronger than Testosterone. Therefore, all anabolic effects such as muscle building, cell repair, protein synthesis, and nitrogen retention will be greatly enhanced during Tren use.

As we also mentioned before, the androgenic rating of Trenbolone also is 5 times higher than Testosterone. Therefore, all androgenic effects such as muscle hardness, strength gains, increased metabolism, and increased energy will also be tremendously enhanced while using Trenbolone.

From looking at all effects mentioned above, we understand that this steroid can be used for cutting, bulking, and performance enhancing purposes. Without a doubt, the drug is more effective for cutting purposes, even more, it’s the best androgenic anabolic steroid for cutting. Tren helps burn fat at a more efficient rate than any other steroid. Trenbolone also preserves lean mass during caloric deficit very effectively. Additionally, the drug will add hardness to muscles and increase vascularity.

For bulking purposes, Trenbolone helps to grow lean muscle tissue at a rate greater than any other androgenic anabolic steroid. It will do it in a cleaner way than most steroids due to its lack of water retention. Thanks to the tremendous metabolic enhancement of using Tren, a user will gain less fat during the bulking cycle.

Trenbolone is also suitable for performance enhancing purposes. The drug will enhance muscular endurance, strength, and speed. Another important trait of the drug, regardless of purpose, is a dramatic improvement in recovery. Tren won’t increase mass if calories are not in surplus, which is also important for many athletes.


Side effects of Trenbolone (Tren)


The power of Trenbolone comes with many possible side effects. In fact, many men won’t be able to use this steroid due to its side effects. However, the majority of steroid users still tolerate the hormone well. To help you understand the possible side effects of Tren, and how to manage them, I divided them into groups.

Estrogenic side effects of Trenbolone are different from other steroids. Tren does not aromatize, making water retention side effects impossible. However, the steroid carries a strong progestin nature, which can promote gynecomastia especially when combined with other aromatizing steroids. In order to prevent these side effects, you should use Tamoxifen or Clomid when symptoms of gyno first occur.

Androgenic side effects of Trenbolone are more likely to occur than when using most other steroids. Androgenic side effects include: acne, accelerated hair loss, deepening of voice, and excessive body hair growth. Androgenic side effects deeply depend on genetic predispositions and won’t occur if you are not predisposed. Note, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors like Finasteride won’t help with Trenbolone because the steroid is not metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme.

Cardiovascular side effects of Trenbolone are possible but less likely than with any oral steroid. Tren increases LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) and decreases HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol). In order to combat these side effects, you should control your cholesterol levels. Do not start the cycle if your cholesterol levels are not in normal range. Implement a cholesterol friendly lifestyle and diet.

Using Trenbolone will shut down your natural testosterone production. After even a few injections, your natural testosterone production will be close to zero. That’s why all cycles with Trenbolone include some type of Testosterone. Once the cycle is over, you will need to restore natural testosterone production. Your body will start the process automatically, but without help, it could take many months to fully recover your initial testosterone level. That’s why Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) should be implemented after the cycle. A PCT plan stimulates natural testosterone production and tremendously reduces recovery time. You can use Tamoxifen (Nolvadex), Clomid (Clomiphene), and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in your PCT plan.


Trenbolone (Tren) dosages


Tren can be used in many ways and combinations with other steroids. We will introduce only the most popular dosages for different esters. Trenbolone Acetate is usually used every other day, in dosages ranging from 50 mgs to 100 mgs. Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Mix are injected once or twice per week in dosages from 200 mgs to 400 mgs. Dividing the dosage into two injections per week helps to control possible side effects and maintain equal amounts of the hormone in your body during the cycle. Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate) is typically used once per week in a dosage range between 200 mgs to 400 mgs. Higher dosages are not rare for professional athletes, but if you decide to take it, you should pay serious attention to your health condition.


How to buy Trenbolone (Tren)


Trenbolone is a veterinary androgenic anabolic steroid and cannot be prescribed to people in most countries. Furthermore, the drug is a controlled substance in the US and even the possession of this substance can lead to huge fines and even jail time. All this makes it very hard to buy high quality Trenbolone for an affordable price.

The only way to purchase Tren is on the black market. It could be a local gym dealer or online store. Most small gym dealers do not have all types of Trenbolone and their prices are usually much higher than online stores because they get supplies from them. Buying Tren from an online store is also not that easy because there are lots of scams and fake or low quality production. If you decide to order Trenbolone online, you should spend some time researching the source and available brands.

We always advise you to buy Trenbolone in our online store. We offer only high quality Trenbolone that is produced in laboratories that fully correspond with world standards. Our store has reasonable prices for Trenbolone and all other androgenic anabolic steroids. We guarantee fast discreet shipping and informational support for our customers.

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Name: Jomosss

Date: 12/21/2020

This is my 4th time ordering from Mysportpharma. I usually order the same products every time. The products were just as they always are; very good. I get my testosterone levels checked by my doctor every month or two. He is monitoring my hormone levels via bloodwork to make sure that I’m healthy and do not develop gyno.- I’m satisfied.
I know that both the Tren-E and Test-E definitely work. My sex drive is through the roof. I have no problem getting or maintaining erection even though I have multiple medications that KILL sex-drive outright. (Opiates, Gabapentin, Wellbutrin, Escitalopram). On top of that I’m horny allllll the time.
As long as Mysportpharma keeps me getting the products in less than a week, I will continue to buy from them.
Every time I ask a question about my order it is replied to very quickly. They seem to be able to reply to messages pretty much 24/7 – within a very short time-span.I haven’t really ever had a problem that would need support, except for one small misunderstanding, but they let me know what was up.
The shipping speed is the main reason I use Mysportpharma: Usually I get my order within 7 days while the competition takes weeks to months. Mysportpharma offers discreet packaging. Its very innocuous, and suggests nothing that would raise a question. Each vial is individually packed, boxed in appealing boxes with holographic identifiers, and a legitimacy number that you can cross-reference.
Items in last order:
1x Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg/ml 10ml: ZPHC
1x Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg/ml 10ml: ZPHC
2x Tritrenol 150 mg/ml 10 ml: Lyka
I switched to Mysportpharma in March 2020 after a different supplier would not give me a refund for a bad product. I order the same products from Mysportpharma every time; Tren-E, TrenMix and Test-E.
I wish they had higher concentrations per mg, but since they only have a few brands of injectables their selection of products/brands is curt, and to the point. I think it is a good thing – think “In-N-Out Burger” style approach to product offering. They’ve got what you want, and nothing you don’t. I don’t need to spend hours wading through a million different concentrations, grades, or brands to get what I need.
Other sources seem to always have their best products out of stock. Their products are always in stock – and being able to get consistent product is important, as any cruiser will know. I’ve had a stable cruise with Mysportpharma because of this. They always have the same products, availability, good concentrations, and esters.
The Tren is fantastic. The Test E is very good quality. Every product I’ve ever ordered has been very clear, with no crashing, cloudiness, or suggestions of low quality. This is hard to pull off in winter time due to the cold temperatures contributing to gear crashes, but their products have always been fine. I’d rate the Tren-E 10/10, Test-E 10/10.

Name: Atlas51

Date: 11/29/2020

My first order from Mysportpharma was fantastic. The order arrived within a week (5 days). I ordered Libol-300 and Testocypol-200 both from Lyka Labs. On top of that I also received a FREE pack of Methandienone (Dianabol) 100 pill/10mg ZPHC.

The product quality was better than what I’ve used elsewhere. The prices were excellent, as was the customer service. As soon as I reported payment they wrote back to me and gave me my shipping label – only a matter of hours later.Mysportpharma was the BEST source I’ve ever used. Their product quality, customer service, and shipping are all top notch.The packaging was very discrete, sturdy, and since it is a domestic order, there was no need to pass customs.

Gears in order: Nandrolone Decanoate (Libol) 300mg/ml (10ml) x4, Testosterone Cypionate (Testocypol) 200mg/ml (10ml) x3,
Methandienone ZPHC 10mg 100 pills (bonus).

I’ve used 2 vials of Libol and 2 vials of Testocypol for a period of 10 weeks and have gained over 10lbs of lean muscle mass. The products do not have an issue with PIP at all, and all inject very easily. I will be buying from them again and absolutely recommend them to everyone.

Name: KingB

Date: 10/24/2020

This review has been long overdue. By months now. So this will be a big one. Just know it spans the period of more than a few months. I have ordered a lot from these guys and there have been some shortcomings but they always make right. Customer service is great. They get back to you when fast. The dudes are busy ya gotta give em a min. Any issues I had they took care of as quickly as they could. My experience has been legit so far.

Delivery time is fast for domestic orders. But international orders I did before came in bout 4-5 weeks. Domestic orders I usually get in under 3-4 days. Packaging has been good.

I probably ordered half of the items this store has, So for the sake of saving time I name only my last order: Turinabol ZPHC x 4, SP Sustanon x 3, Tritrenol-150 Lyka x 2, Tamoximed x 2

Cycle was 12 weeks, 40 mgs of Tbol daily, 500 mgs of SP Sustanon weekly, 300 mgs of Tritrenol weekly. I gained 28 pounds of clean muscle, despite that it was a gaining cycle it seemed to me my percentage of fat didn’t rise at all. I felt a tide of energy and my strength grew a lot. Muscles were recovered instantly. I could workout my lagging muscles 3 times a week. From the negative moment I’d note excessive night sweating, every morning my sheets were completely wet, it happened from Tren with me before though.

Well hope this helps you guy’s an gal’s. Cause took a shit load of my time. This is a solid source. With a solid business practice and solid products. You will not regret doing business with them.

Name: Cball@1978

Date: 10/02/2020

Im a first buyer of steroids online whatsoever. I had doubts that it’s possible to order such drugs online and get the within days on your porch. But mysportpharma made me feel comfortable since my first inquiry, they answered within an hour and with answers on all my questions. Delivery took only 4 days in Seattle. Products Tritrenol-150 Lyka, Oxybol Lyka and Testosterone Propionate ZPHC. I recommend mysportpharma and want to say thank you to them for incredible job.

Name: braza69

Date: 01/17/2020

Started my summer cycle Testosterone Propionate ZPCH 100mg x3 EW, Trenbolone Enanthate ZPCH 200mg x2 EW, plus 5 iu Somatoged (HGH). The Test & Tren are oil base and smooth. Really no pip, which I have read is common with injectable Tren. I pin Test & Tren together twice a week and even with that amount of substance injections are painless.