LIBOL-300 10ml|300mg

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LIBOL-300 10ml|300mg (vial)

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2 reviews for LIBOL-300 10ml|300mg

  1. Juan

    They sell some decent drugs over here, I put on 26 pounds of muscle for 10 weeks with libol-300 & Turinadrol from this store and Test E from Mexico

  2. Atlas51

    My first order from Mysportpharma was fantastic. The order arrived within a week (5 days). I ordered Libol-300 and Testocypol-200 both from Lyka Labs. On top of that I also received a FREE pack of Methandienone (Dianabol) 100 pill/10mg ZPHC.

    The product quality was better than what I’ve used elsewhere. The prices were excellent, as was the customer service. As soon as I reported payment they wrote back to me and gave me my shipping label – only a matter of hours later.Mysportpharma was the BEST source I’ve ever used. Their product quality, customer service, and shipping are all top notch.The packaging was very discrete, sturdy, and since it is a domestic order, there was no need to pass customs.

    Gears in order: Nandrolone Decanoate (Libol) 300mg/ml (10ml) x4, Testosterone Cypionate (Testocypol) 200mg/ml (10ml) x3,
    Methandienone ZPHC 10mg 100 pills (bonus).

    I’ve used 2 vials of Libol and 2 vials of Testocypol for a period of 10 weeks and have gained over 10lbs of lean muscle mass. The products do not have an issue with PIP at all, and all inject very easily. I will be buying from them again and absolutely recommend them to everyone.

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