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Sustabol 10ml|250mg (vial)

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5 reviews for Sustabol 10ml|250mg

  1. Craig

    I’m using Sustabol from Lyka for weight lose cycle with winstrol. I started only 2 weeks ago and already noticed progress.

  2. Paul03

    I’m happy with these guys. I’ll be the customer again soon.

    Ordering process was simple and easy, just checking the catalog on their site and checking out. Payment details were sent half an hour later. Once the BTC were received I had the tracking number in 48 hours. It tooks 3 days for the package to be here. I was able to track the package at any moment. Everything was packed nicely and tight with A lot of wrapping paper. The envelope was very discreet.

    I ordered only 3 vials of Sustanon from Lyka which is called Sustabol, since I use roids only for trt.

    The quality is perfect. The vials came with an hologram that needs to be scratched to show a code that needs to be scanned to see if the product is real or not. The product was verified by the manufacturer. My blood work showed desired results as well. Injections are smooth and painless.

    I’ve been using the products for 7 weeks and I can feel the difference already. My sexual drive, energy and metabolism significantly increased.

  3. Sam

    Sustabol & Stanodrol from lyka labs is a great cycle, will definitely order from this store again

  4. BeastD

    I was skeptical at first because I have never bought gear online before. I was shown mysportpharma by an old coworker and let me tell you. Selection: Amazing, Pricing: Amazing, Checkout Process: Amazing, Customer Service, Amazing! From beginning it was such an easy process. From order to touchdown the whole process took about a week. The guys at mysportpharma were quick, easily, and painless. Best of all it was so affordable. I would recommend mysportpharma to anyone looking for a great selection of gear at a great price! Thank you mysportpharma you guys made me a lifetime customer!

    Order was very well packaged. No broke. Vials or loose pills. They do a great job at packing the order carefully.

    Items ordered: Sustabol-250 (Sustanon) 250mg/ml 10ml x4, Pronabol-10 (Dianabol) 10mg 100 pills x3, Oxybol-50 (Anadrol) 50mg 100 pills x2.

    There is nothing extra to say, the test is a test. Lyka Pharm is very good quality. Been using the brand for a couple years. My strength has increased and muscle mass. Mysportpharma is only one of the few places where you can get LEGIT pharma grade stuff without being ripped off by fakes unlike most sources. The Lyka product line is very good as well, their orals are by far my favorite. Overall I saw a great difference in my physique in just 2 months. Mysportpharma is highly recommended! Personally my favorite source. Do not hesitate to try these guys.

  5. NoLimits94

    Review about
    This is a great US domestic source with an amazing selection. They have some hard to find brands that are usually shipped only internationally from other sources.
    Quick and helpful communication is another pro of this source.
    It’s my 4th order from the source. Delivery is always fast and packed well.
    My last order was for a cutting cycle: Sustabol, Boldenol, Primovol, Clenbuterol from Lyka and Anastrozole Balkan, Provironum Bayer
    All products seem working great. My cutting cycle is almost over and I reduce my fat percentage from 16% to 7%. It looks like I kept all my muscle and cut only fat. I’m 48 but never look so good in my entire life.
    I’m very pleased with the high quality products I got from sportpharma. I’m also satisfied with communication and shipping. I’ll continue ordering from these guys and will recommend them. This is a great domestic source if I could I would give them more than 5 stars.

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