Sustandrol 10ml|250mg

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Sustandrol 10ml|250mg (10 ampoules 1 ml)

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2 reviews for Sustandrol 10ml|250mg

  1. Steel1979

    I know it doesnt matter because I dont have my paperwork but just got blood work done by my doc and he red flagged my ass big time lol. Im on Sustandrol 250 and Boldenone ZPCH 250. Pin Monday morning and Thursday night. My blood was taken Thursday around 4pm and my Test ready 2,780 and my Estrogen was low at 16. So I cut back to only once a week for anastrazole for now. No she would not give me my paperwork lol
    Repeat customer for sure, guys at mysportpharma. Thanks.. all I can say to sum that up.

  2. Mark

    I’m using Sustandrol for TRT treatment and happy with the result, my dosage is 250 mg (1 ml) every 10 days. According to the blood test my testosterone level is 940 7 days after an injection

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