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Tamoximed 15tab|20mg – 15 pills 20 mg

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3 reviews for Tamoximed 15tab|20mg

  1. GymGuy4ever

    Just ordered my pct from Mysportpharma. Process was supper easy. Couldn’t find a domestic supply of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for the life of me and this was reasonably priced. I’m just coming off my first try at trt at 43. Felt like a fucking rockstar at 43 years old. My e got a little high at 107 and I finally found some Anastrozol and Nolvadex (Tamoximed Balkan). I was using research chems which actually worked at first. Grateful for Mysportpharma coming through on the pct. Plan on using their Tren on my second go around in a few months.

  2. DNA44

    Fourth time using MySportPharma and I have to say there’s no reason to use anyone else. Great selection, fast shipping, and excellent quality products with good communication.
    My questions always got answered within a few hours. Packages were always arriving a few days after ordering.
    Items in last order: Pronabol Lyka, Testosterone Enanthate ZPHC, Human Growth Hormone EPF, Anastrozol Balkan, Tamoximed Balkan.
    Excellent quality steroids. Vacuum sealed vials and boxes with blisters all have verification codes. Been using products only for 3 weeks, achieve great muscle growth and significant strength increase. Can’t recommend this place enough!

  3. KingB

    This review has been long overdue. By months now. So this will be a big one. Just know it spans the period of more than a few months. I have ordered a lot from these guys and there have been some shortcomings but they always make right. Customer service is great. They get back to you when fast. The dudes are busy ya gotta give em a min. Any issues I had they took care of as quickly as they could. My experience has been legit so far.
    Delivery time is fast for domestic orders. But international orders I did before came in bout 4-5 weeks. Domestic orders I usually get in under 3-4 days. Packaging has been good.
    I probably ordered half of the items this store has, So for the sake of saving time I name only my last order: Turinabol ZPHC x 4, SP Sustanon x 3, Tritrenol-150 Lyka x 2, Tamoximed x 2
    Cycle was 12 weeks, 40 mgs of Tbol daily, 500 mgs of SP Sustanon weekly, 300 mgs of Tritrenol weekly. I gained 28 pounds of clean muscle, despite that it was a gaining cycle it seemed to me my percentage of fat didn’t rise at all. I felt a tide of energy and my strength grew a lot. Muscles were recovered instantly. I could workout my lagging muscles 3 times a week. From the negative moment I’d note excessive night sweating, every morning my sheets were completely wet, it happened from Tren with me before though.
    Well hope this helps you guy’s an gal’s. Cause took a shit load of my time. This is a solid source. With a solid business practice and solid products. You will not regret doing business with them.

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