and are operated by MySportPharma Limited, a company registered in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We have many years of experience  in sports pharmacologies. We purchase all our products only from fully licensed modern companies whose laboratories measure up to all standards and requirements. Therefore we sell only high quality drugs that are produced with all required permits and licenses. We do not sell any products that are produced in home  based labs which could be dangerous and underdosed.


We have a few warehouses all over the world which allow us to deliver orders to you as fast as possible. All drugs ship to our warehouses directly from the laboratories, so all products are 100% authentic. Most of our products can be verified by protection codes on the medications. Thanks to direct factory purchases, and a significant amount of supplies, we’re able to provide competitive prices for all our products. 


Our team contains professionals of all levels including professional bodybuilders and other sportsmen who regularly test the products and can provide the best possible support in choosing the right drugs.  


The goal of our company is to provide affordable high quality sports enhancement drugs to help you in achieving your unique goals whether it be an olympic medal or faster recovery after surgery.