Orders may only be placed through our website.


You have to choose the payment method during checkout. After that, you’ll receive more detailed information on how to proceed in your email (check spam folder if you don’t receive it shortly after an order is placed).


Once you have placed an order, you will have a limited amount of time to make payment (time frame depends on the chosen payment method) and submit the payment information via email (mysportpharma@gmail.com) or contact form. If you fail to do so, your order will be canceled and the products in your order will be returned to inventory. If you still want to receive the order, you will need to contact us or place a new order.


Currently, we accept payments through: PaySend, PayPal via Xoom, Ria Money Transfer, MoneyGram, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Due to the specific nature of our business, we cannot accept credit/debit cards directly, but you can still pay with credit/debit cards by using the special service described below.



Our preferred payment methods are Paysend, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Since our couriers do not have to physically go to branches to pick up money, we cut our expenses and those payment methods do not have a minimum order amount. Additionally, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment methods have a 5% discount that automatically applies in your cart when you choose it as a payment method.


Payments through: PayPal via Xoom, Ria Money Transfer, and MoneyGram are available only for orders over $300.


To pay for your order with a credit/debit card you have to select Bitcoin as the payment method in order to receive our Bitcoin wallet address and the required amount via email. Visit the website paybis.com and follow the instructions in this video using the provided Bitcoin wallet and coin amount.


It is also very easy to buy Bitcoins and pay for your order with CashApp, watch the video to explain the process here.


If you choose Ria Transfer or MoneyGram as your payment method, please go to the nearest location and make the cash transfer in person. Please do not use their internet transfers, in 99% of cases they block those transactions, and return the money to you.


When you’re using Ria or MoneyGram as payment options, you should use your real name and documents (ID), to ensure you will be able to withdraw your funds in case of any issues.


For clients with limited computer knowledge or skills, we recommend using PaySend or PayPal via Xoom. These two websites allow you to easily transfer money to us with a debit/credit card or PayPal account.