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Name: Spoiled Brat

Date: 10/21/2020

These guys are on top. Everything went smoothly and fast despite corona. I got my order in 5 days after the order was placed, the package was discreet and sturdy. It was my first steroids order so I was not sure about getting it online but I definitely will continue buying with mysportpharma.

I didn’t start using the drugs yet but they are in original packaging with instructions and I verified the security codes on the laboratory website.


Name: Lawrence

Date: 07/16/2020

I had waited 6 and a half weeks for the order #IMSP2816 that I placed in the International section of the website and the worst part was that the tracking # stuck in the sender country and was not updating till I got the order. The support was replying to me that they will reship my order only if I would not get it within 8 weeks since the order was sent and that such situations happen all the time due to coronavirus.

Overall I’m not very satisfied with my experience with Mysportpharma store but positive moments still dominate. The support was always answering my inquiries, I got my order and the products look authentic, Prices are reasonable.

Do not recommend placing an order in the international section if you are in a rush


Name: BigerThanYou

Date: 04/20/2020

Every order with Mysportpharma is just excellent,

They always reply fast, their representatives are always respectful and knowledgeable,

Their prices are low and I can always find all I need in stock,

I live in Seattle but place my orders in their international section to save some money, in spite of that I always receive my orders relatively fast without any problem with customs, last order took a little longer but I received warning that due to Covid-19 delays could be expected,

My last order was Sustanon from Lyka and Winstrol from ZPHC. I was very happy with the result. I lost lots of fat and got some muscle definition,

If you are looking for a solid gear shop, go to Mysportpharma


Name: Wild Wolf

Date: 03/05/2020

Excellent company that does what it promises. It is nice to finally find someone you can trust, and even more importantly, a site that sells products you can trust.

Not only did the delivery and payment process work exactly as described, but the steroids I received worked better than any I have ever used before.

I recommend this site for anyone who doesn’t have a trusted and reliable source to deal with.


Name: PFfreak

Date: 01/13/2020

The steroids I received from were the best I have ever tried.

The results I achieved were also the best ever.

It wasn’t just the quality of the product, but the quality of information and support along with it. I feel like I have finally found the workout partner I have always needed.

Thank you, I will definitely be ordering from you again.


Name: Paul

Date: 10/10/2019

I am not sure I can adequately describe just how satisfied I am with this company. They were there for me to answer all of my questions, and gave me the support I needed before, during, and after my order was placed and received. In a market where you aren’t sure who to trust, is at the top of my very short list.


Name: Polar Bear

Date: 08/27/2019

I ordered from your international warehouse, and needless to say, the delay was horrible.

That having been said, your customer support was there every step of the way, and eventually I did receive exactly what I ordered and it did perform exactly as promised.

I will probably try ordering from the local warehouse next time, since my only complaint was the lengthy wait time.


Name: Benjamin

Date: 06/02/2019 is my favorite website to get gears. I regularly order from them from both their domestic and international warehouses . On average, I get my local orders in 3-4 days, and international orders in 4 weeks. I love the brands that they sell and their communication process.

I do recommend shopping on the website. I used testosterone cypionate and Sustanon from ZPHC, Deca and Turinabol from Lyka, Trenbolone from EPF. All products worked perfectly, my blood test also confirmed that.


Name: Happy Vegan

Date: 04/26/2019

Extremely happy with my experience with this store. In the beginning, I was frustrated with buying the drugs online and using steroids overall. But, when I first contacted the support they explained to me all the process and even recommended some options to start with.

I placed the order with local delivery and got the package on my porch in three days. I was surprised that it was really that easy. Everything was packed well and looked good.

I only started my cycle Winstrol and Testosterone Propionate a week and a half ago, but I’ve already noticed some results. I also feel more energy in the gym.

I hope I will be toned up enough by the end of the cycle and will be able to keep the results forever so I won’t need to use AAS again, but I highly recommend website for people who need some.


Name: Prescott

Date: 03/18/2019

Good source of roids! My order arrived on time and in perfect condition. I ordered Turanabol, Sustandrol, and Clomed, all from Balkan Pharma. I used 500 mg of Sust per week, 40 mg of Tbol daily for 8 weeks, and 50 mg of Clomid daily for 14 weeks for PCT.

On the cycle, I noticed a faster recovery process and my libido was high. I achieved good progress in both hypertrophy and strength. I recommend this source, the product’s quality was some of the best I have ever used.


Name: Rock

Date: 12/08/2018

If you are looking for a discrete and reliable supplier for steroids, I can strongly recommend

They did absolutely everything their website said they would do.

The only issue, which their website warned could happen, was that my order was confiscated by customs. After dealing with their patient and helpful customer service, my original order was reshipped and even though it took a long time, I got everything I ordered and the quality was just excellent.

Despite the problems, I will definitely order again, I just will allow more time for my order to arrive.


Name: Beast

Date: 11/05/2018

This is my second time using mysportpharma for my gears, and I will continue to use them for my future cycles as well.

A trusted and reliable source for all of your steroid needs, what else needs to be said?


Name: Peter

Date: 09/30/2018

As a first time steroid user, I didn’t know where to go for information, or the drugs. I asked around my gym, and either no one wanted to talk about it, or I got completely mixed advice. Luckily, one of the younger guys in the gym told me about a website that his brother uses. I checked out, and contacted them directly.

They gave me all of the help, advice, and support I needed. My gains were and are amazing, I will recommend this company to anyone who is looking for valuable and accurate information before beginning a cycle.


Name: Shawn

Date: 07/08/2018

Decent store of steroids,

Order process was easy and smooth, got package relatively fast,

Can’t assess the support communication process because didn’t have any need to contact them,

Order packed well and everything was in original boxes with instructions,

Steroids are real, quality of products is like everywhere else,

Proper website, will order here if my #1 store won’t have the drugs I need in stock.


Name: Seeker

Date: 05/16/2018

This was my first time to order from I was skeptical of ordering my gears online, but everything worked just as stated on the website.

From the time I placed my order with local delivery, I had my order in my mailbox in less than a week.

I have now completed my cycle and have to admit that the quality products gave me better results than I have ever gotten in the past.

Thank you Mysportpharma, I will definitely order from you again!


Name: Lil D

Date: 03/31/2018

A friend of mine from the gym turned me onto mysportpharma, and I couldn’t be happier that he did.

I ordered through local delivery, got my order as promised, and in a timely manner.

The product I received was some of the highest quality I have ever used.

I will definitely be ordering from again!


Name: Steven

Date: 03/06/2018

My order got seized by customs. I live in Chicago and placed an order in an international warehouse. A week after the trucking stopped moving, I got a letter from customs that my order got seized and I could come to pick it up with a prescription or the package would be destroyed in 30 days. I notified support and sent them the letter from customs. They reshipped my order after a week and I got it a few weeks later. Therefore, I received my order only after around 8 weeks.

In summary, my experience was not that good and I had to delay starting a cycle, but I’ll definitely continue ordering from because of their support, prices, and stock of products.


Name: Lex

Date: 02/14/2018

I recommend shopping on this website. I ordered from them a few times, their domestic US shipping is very fast and discreet. They also always timely answer all my questions and concerns, you can see that you talk with someone experienced in the field.

I am satisfied with the quality of the products tho I don’t have much experience and availability to compare with other stores, but I had felt great during cycles and significantly increased my mass and strength.

I used Test E with Dianabol from Balkan Pharmaceutical for the first cycle and TEST C with Deca for my second cycle.